Thursday, January 19, 2012

The packout...

So the time is drawing near. Yesterday (and today) all of my belongings are being packed and picked up by the moving company. Very bitter sweet. I can't wait to start life after the military, but I know I'm going to miss Japan (I miss it already). So in preperation for this packout I tore down one of my 1JZ's to bring it back to the states. Not sure if I will do a 1J/1.5J/2J, but this helps me keep my options open. I have engine management and cams for a 1J and I'm very PRO 1J so we'll see how it goes. Anyway, heres a few pics of the engine tear down (engine was disgusting, still had decent compression though), and pack out as well as a few other parts I picked up along they way that have also been packed out. *If you didn't know, once I'm settled in I plan to build an X8 Cressida*
Aaron got a little carried away w/ the sandblaster...
Engine all packed away
Clear corner/signal lights and JIC Tierods or X8
markII front end inside the primera haha, broke this down and the movers packed it for me


  1. Its sad to know you're leaving Japan, but at least you'll be happy in the states being military-free (I think). I'm glad you're planning on building an X8!!

  2. Nice blog, and I know how you feel about moving I had to do the same thing more then once since my pops was Air Force. What part of the U.S. are you moving to?

  3. Thanks for the well wishes guys. I'm in Chicago now and all is well at the moment.