Saturday, May 21, 2011


So my friend opened her shop here in Yokosuka and wanted me to put the word out that she is open. She is really talented and fun as shit, by far the best experience as far as getting a tattoo is concerned. Check out her page and stop by if you are in the area.

Friday, May 20, 2011

New daily....

So for the past month (since selling my car), I've been driving my wife's 100 Chaser (she was out of town so she wasn't using it). Well a week ago I finally got a daily of my own. The goal with this car is to just conserve money by not doing a damn thing to it. It gets great gas mileage compared to cars I usually drive. The bad part is I'm kinda spoiled and I'm used to driving nice-ish cars. This one is far from it imo. It can look nice, but again, I'm not PLANNING on doing anything to it. So yea, it's a P11 Nissan Primera. ALL stock except a headunit. Gonna tint the windows (already have tint) and that's about it. When the Shakken is up on this car I should have enough saved to buy something more "my style". This will also help me finally get the Cresta on the road. Speaking of the cresta... she's been very neglected for the past year. Last weekend I decided I should try to clean her up. Here's a few pics of the cars... The sidesteps are in the car... Someone stole my exhaust tip off the car... not too happy about that.The new beast