Thursday, April 28, 2011

Its been a while...

Well, since LA sold his his mark 2, I gotta keep da two tone alive..

Havent done much to mine in a the process of fixing the dont mind da gray side step..

Put some new shoes on it..a set of 19in Amistads..fronts: 19x9J +6(+36 w/ 5mm sandwich spacer, 20mm bolt on, and 5mm sandwich spacer..haha) rears: 19x10J +12(+37 w/ 25mm bolt on)

fits pretty good..just need to fix the rest of the aero n lower it more..gotta try to roll low like LA's 100 was..then alignment n then we good..

oh..and if anyone is interested..the AVS Model 5s that were on my car n LA's car is up for sale..staggered set..18x9J+40 19x10J+19..will include any size spacer needed for fronts..n if u get the set I'm gonna throw in 2 more AVS Model 5s (18x9J+35) for free(one has a small hairline crack..) asking $1600USD shipped(west coast)..It's negotiable..if interested..i'll send u my email addy so we can work it out..

Well..thats it for now..

Thursday, April 21, 2011

JZX100 Chaser For Sale.....

A friend of mine is selling his Green zenki 100 chaser. Figured I'd put it up on here to help him out. Willing to ship. I know a few guys who were interested in my Mark II have already started this process so this is mainly for them, but if anyone is interested email me or just post up your contact info on here.

Car is a 96 Toyota Chaser Tourer V Factory Manual, w/ Sunroof.
Background. Car was purchased 2 years ago full normal. My friend then installed coilovers and muffler. Shortly after the engine went (rings). At that time a low mileage motor was swapped in along w/ 90% of the parts list. Since the motorswap and tune, the car has seen only highway miles. My friend bought a motorcylce and just doesn't use the car anymore. Selling to get a K-Car for the wife to drive. Again if you have any questions let me know...

Part list:
Full engine service done at time of install and tune (water pump, timing belt, serpentine belt, front and rear main seals, valve cover gaskets,
Kazama Engine mounts
Apexi Power Fc w/ Commander (tuned for 1.2 Bar on stock turbine)
Apexi Rev/Speed Meter
Blitz Boost Controller
Sard 530cc injectors
Sard 280lph intank fuel pump
Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator
HPI Suction kit Intake
HPI Turbo Outlet
HPI straight pipe (cat delete)
HPI exhaust manifold (extractors/header)
HPI Front mount intercooler
KTS Radiator
Kakimoto Regu R Muffler

Exedy Comp D Twin Plate metal clutch
ATS 2 Way Differential

Cusco Zero One Coilovers
Cusco Front and rear Strut tower Bars
KTS Front and rear Sway Bars

Bride Brix Drivers seat
330mm Momo Drift Steering Wheel w/ blue stitching
Generic turbo timer (don't know the maker)
Razo Weighted Shift Knob

Factory Lip Kit
Wedsport SA70 Wheels 18x9 +32 all around

Asking price is 800000Y.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Sold the Mark II today.... sucked watchin it drive away.... but gotta do what I gotta do.... will probably end up dailying the cresta unless i can find a beater to get me to and fro.... last pic of her....
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Future????

So as you guys know the MarkII is up for sale. I have a few guys interested so we'll see how that works out. STill need to get some more pics up of the interior an etc. IF and When the MarkII sells I will start working on my Cresta... I miss drifting so much you don't even know lol. Cresta will be really simple. I already have a few sets of wheels I can use on it. I'm thinkin old school/ 2002 time frame w/ 17" wheels and aero slammed... Got some GTR wheels and some Weds... we'll see how it goes. Not trying to spend much money on looks and just stick to drifting. That being said... I saw this picture of an aquaintance of mine in Okinawa...90 Cresta on SSR Minerva's... 19x10 all around..... drool... so damn awesome... here's a few pics...

more pics of the MarkII and pics of my 90 Cresta coming soon.....