Sunday, March 27, 2011

Moar Pics....

Here some more pics of the car for those interested in purchasing. Took some undercarrage/suspsension/bracing/engine/ and fender damage shots. Interior pics still to come. I apologize now for the quality of the pics... its a phone camera and I suck.... any ?'s just ask......
Passenger Side Front Fender
Driverside Front Fender
Some enginebay shots

Driver Side suspension
Passengerside SuspensionBracingFront swaybar Passenger Side Rear sus/rear member bushings
Swaybar/rear diff bushingsExhaust, Driverside rear sus

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More pics....

Posting these for those interested in the car. Will get better pics up soon. The weather has been crap lately as well as me working 7 days a week and crazy hours every since the quake... *****ALSO AVS are for sale***** Looking or $1600 USD shipped for 6 wheels. (2) 18x9 +35 (one has a small crack that needs to be repaired), 2 18x9 +40 (currently on the front of the car- I have 40mm spacer on the front, 20mm will come w/ the wheels), 2 19x10 +19 ( have a 15mm spacer on the rear... spacer not included, also one of the 19's has been repaired[welded] before).

Interior, engine bay, and undercarriage pics coming soon.


Saturday, March 12, 2011


So I've been through many an earthquake in my 28 years on this earth... but I surely thought it was the end when this one hit. I experianced one of similar magnitude when I was younger when I lived in Guam. It was an 8.2. This one felt MUCH worse. Also the fact that I work in an basement and even the last few large earth quakes we've had here (6-7 on the scale), none did I feel in the basement. This one was rockin the joint... and it felt like it wouldn't stop.... I mean if anyones ever been on the ocean on a boat and doesn't have their sea legs... thats how it felt trying to leave the building... can't keep your balance... shit movin up down left and right.... it sucked.... I was pretty damn scared. All that being said all of my friends and loved ones are all ok. Cell phones are down and Facebook is whats keeping us all in touch... social media... who knew?!

Thanks for all the concern and well wishes on the FB page. My prayers and conerns go out to everyone who has family or friends and hasn't heard from them and for the families who lost someone today...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Inevitable....

So the time has come for the MarkII to go... I really don't want to but I need to pay off some debt and this is the easiest way. I will still be around but I'm probably not gonna be drifting much, if at all in the near future. I'm looking for $6000 USD cleaned up (all four fenders redone, the paint is messed up from rubbing and aero cleaned up). Looking for $5000 USD in its current condition. The car has a laundry list of parts that I will put below. The wheels however are not on that list. They aren't mine. They were borrowed from a friend. They are for sale too however. The car will come w/ as set of VS-SS and a set of random work mesh.
Picture of here in her current glory....

*Parts List*
Traum Type 2 Kouki Front bumper (w/ kouki winkers)
YAJ sidesteps w/ led markers
Missle Rear bumper
Yaj Eyelids
TBO FRP Vented Hood w/ Aero Catch Locking Hood Pins
Kouki Trunk/Tail light conversion

Origin Suction Kit w/ HKS filter
HKS Intercooler
Low Temp Thermostat
Traum One Piece cat delete/dump pipe
Car Koubou 2 Piece flangeles Straight Pipe muffler
Exedy Hyper Single Clutch
Steel Braided Clutch Line
ATS 2way LSD

Bride Brix
Dildo Shifter or weighted Razo... your choice
Quick Release
330mm Deep(90mm) Steering Wheel
Drift knob
HKS 60mm Boost Gauge

Cusco Front STB W/ Brake Master Stopper
Largus Rear STB
Cusco Front Swaybar
Largus Rear Swaybar w/ pillowball endlinks
Cusco Lateral Bar
TRD Triangle Brace
Missle Rear Member Brace
Kazama Subframe bushings/spacers
WELD Aluminum Diff Bushings

Cusco Front Camber Arms
KTS Rear Toe Arms
Kazama Rear Traction Arms
Kazama Rear Camber Arms
HKS Hipermax III Coilovers
GP Sports Knuckles
Kazama Tie Rods
Kazama Tie Rod ends (w/ roll center adjuster bushings)
SXE10 (Altezza) Castor Arms w/ pillow ball bushings

I am willing to export. Currently trying to get in touch with PowerVehicles to handle that. If anyone overseas is interested and has a way to get the car shipped we can work that out as well. I am also interested in trades as long as theres money on top. I need transportation so a trade plus cash can work. Just let me know.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

For Sale.....

Got a set of wheels for sale on the forums. Hit me here if interested. ABC Exclusive 18x9 18x10 +32 all around. Looking for $1200 USD shipped anywhere in the US. Other coutries/locations email for price. Price Negotiable.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Chika Style/Doriten Event: Part 2

So here are some more pics from the event. I drove like crap so theres not much of me to put in here. A few of Troy and Jun though (and everyone else)...
Heres a few if me...

Troy drove well all day... don't let him tell it though lol...
Heres that Crown... he did pretty good as well...
Here is that Super Low S13 that Brian posted... didn't damage anything and used two sets of tires all day... NICE

I LOVE this MarkII... this exactly what I wanted my fenders to look like :( This guy is dope... crazy consistent and the car is cool.. who needs good tires up front lol.. here was using some BS 35series and still killin shit.... inspiring...

MarkII dude tell Jun to get the F outta the way lol...
Jun's Verossa... still trying to talk him into gettin 19's...
So Tuff....
Another vid will be up soon...All these photos and the coming vid taken by Jeremy...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chika Style/Doriten Event

This past Sunday Brian, Troy, and I went to Fuji Speedway for an event held by Chika Style at Fuji Drift Park. I had a blast. Wish I could've had more tires. Day went well. Neither me or troy broke anything... I ended up in the dirt a few times lol... lost my aero and muffler but nothing was wrong and both were reinstalled. Some awesome cars and drivers there. I don't really have many pics of other cars. Theres more coverage over on Brians Blog. Hopefully some more pics will surface from Troy and Jeremy (who came late in the day for moral support). For now I leave you with these pics and a vid I took while waiting to join the fun...
At the gate...

Brian takin pics of a dope crown we saw... manual with a 3037s... and yes this model comes w/ a vvti 1JZ...
My MarkII and Jun's Verossa... Love that car
A better look...
Jeremy's MarkII... takin one for the team lettin me look fly w/ his wheels haha... Appreciate it bro... he's goin w/ 19's... pics soon to follow
Me and Troy's Tire piles and spare parts...
Me and Brian had to pull this fender out... guess i should raise the car.... oooorrrrrrr a smaller tire... smaller tire it is
Drift'em till they pop...
Poor Feddy's
So midway through the day me and Brian (he rode along most of the day) noticed the car was low on power... i looked at my gas and it was on E.... WTF I had 3/4 tank when we got there..... this was thr culprit... fixed it... got more gas had to leave the track for that (more about that later) kept on drifting...
I know its crooked... don't judge me...