Thursday, June 30, 2011

Almost there.......

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

One part closer to completion.....

So my I picked up my clutch disk, pilot bearing, slave cylinder rebuild kit, and some "toyota black" gasket maker....engine should be in Friday night, still have a bunch of parts to pick up from toyota on Friday as well. Went to help Brian from PandaPirates work on his s13 last night.... It's about to go down.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

For Sale: Twin TD06-20G 1.5J JZX90 Cresta.....

My buddy is selling his zenki 1994 Toyota Cresta Tourer V. This car is bad ass... Motor was rebuilt about 2 years ago. Only 13000KM since over haul.

Parts list:
2JZ block
new oil pump
timing belt
water pump overhaul
ARP connecting rod bolts
swash plates welded in oil pan
1JZ head
valve seats cut
port and polished
additional coolant port added
Brian Crower 272 in/ex camshafts, valve springs with titanium retainers
ARP head studs
TD06-20g turbo x2
Sard external wastegate

Fuel system:
Mazda Cosmo fuel pump
Aeromotive fuel regulator
AN fuel and oil lines
550 cc injectors cleaned and flow checked during overhaul

Koyo aluminum radiator
HKS Oil Cooler
HKS Front Mount Intercooler
Sard coolant air separator
Sard Oil breather
Sard power steering fluid reservoir

Engine Management:
Computer ROM tune
Bee-R Rev-limiter
Blitz Boost Controller
TRD 320KPH Speedometer
Prosport Gauges: water temp, oil temp, oil pressure, boost pressure, fuel pressure (at regulator and inside cabin), voltage, exhaust temp, AEM AFR

OS Giken 2way LSD
OS Giken Triple Plate Metal Clutch

Buddy club race coilovers (full tap)
TRD forward brace
Rear member brace
Cusco strut tower braces front, rear
Cusco sway bars
Cusco 8 pt roll cage (padded) with harness points

VOLK GTC wheels (wheels not pictured**)
Supra 4 piston calipers (front) and rotors w/ Endless pads
Project Mu Brake lines (front and rear)
Project Mu Rear pads

YAJ Aero
Dmax Carbon Hood
Dmax Carbon Wing
Aftermarket Tow hook

Simpson racing harnesses
Recaro seats
350mm Momo Race steering wheel
Spin turn knob/drift button

There maybe more, keep an eye out for updates. Price is SLIGHTLY negotiable. Willing to remove parts to make price more affordable to the right buyer.
He's looking for $15000 USD. Might sound like a lot but he's put much more than that into it.

If interested shoot me an email. Willing to export. Arrangements need to be taken care of by the buyer.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sooooo Sexy.....

Knoop's car is finally painted.... the wait seems to have been worth it (and it aint even my car haha)... Looks awesome bro... can't wait to see this car side ways w/ smoke billowing from the back! LS-POWER!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Long day...

Well I was able to get the parts car (Mark II) 98% dismantled today. Also got the clutch master cylinder installed on the Cresta. Was hoping to have the Engine re-installed but theres a little bit of maintenance I want to do on it first so I decided to just hold off. Also would be much easier to install the clutch line (from master to slave) w/ the engine out of the car (a part I don't even have yet). Long day. Didn't get as much as I wanted accomplished but made good progress. The amount of goodies on this car is awesome. Even came w/ a tourer v bible. Here's a few pics my buddy Z took check him out @ Route16 Z ... thanks bro

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Engine Swap.....

Is halfway done....

So I was able to get a bit of work done today. With the help of my buddies at the shop, I got the motor pulled from the Cresta. We then started tearing down the MarkII. We pulled the tranny, and drained all the fluids w/ the exception of fuel. Car still has over a half a tank of premium / HI-OC which I plan to ciphhen out, then I'll pull the fuel pump and motor. Also pulled the swaybars, underbracing, and muffler. Tomorrow I'll pull the engine and the rest of the suspension components. Then it's off to the junkyard for the donor/parts car. Hopefully tomorrow I can start putting the cresta together. I need to install the clutch master and line. I just ordered a clutch. Once that comes in, the care should be on the road. It's coming together slowly but surely. It feels good to be back in the mix (^.^).

Monday, June 6, 2011

(LATE) Spring Cleaning....

So I got off work a little early today and decided it'd be a good idea to clean out Jeremy's locker (that I also store parts in.... one of my many locations), to make room for the parts from the parts car. With the help of Jeremy and another buddy, Josh, It only took about two hours. Also took pics of my 33 Wheels that a few people have asked about. The are still for sale. That's about it. Will start tearing down the markII (hopefully) this coming weekend.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

90 love......

So the next few posts will be about 90's... I will be posting about a friend who's sellin his 600+HP twin Td06 1.5J Cresta later.......

I recently acquired a parts car to help w/ my Cresta build. Pretty awesome... Here is a short parts list of what came on/with the car. Its a 90 MarkII tourer-v. It has:
low KM engine w/ fuel tuneup/maintenance just done (gaskets/waterpump/belts/sparkplugs etc)
Nightpager upper radiator pipe
HPI intercooler
HPI Ypipe from turbines
80mm Straightpipe muffler
Greddy emanage
Greddy e01 boost controller
Blitz turbo timer
works bell quick release hub
330mm momo race
jzx100 shifter/gate
320km speedo
sard fuel pump
afx wideband afr
apexi rsm version 2
defi boost, oil press, oil temp, tach, water temp, fuel press
arc sway bars
tein coilovers
cusco strut bars
endless slotted rotors
steel braided lines
I'm sure there's more stuff that I'm forgetting. The only thing the car didnt come w/ was a clutch. Almost all of these parts are duplicates (I already own them) so I'm going to be selling them to get the Cresta on the road (it still needs a clutch and a diff). Spent the day today pulling all of the electronics. Will try to pull the motor Sunday. I'll make sure I get pics up then.