Friday, February 10, 2012

The GS....

I love it. I do hate the 4x4 ride height and stock wheels. That'll will all be changed eventually. Here she is for now though.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Well I've been in Chicago almost 2 weeks now. It's good to be back. I do miss Japan a lot though. Job hunting is going well I guess. The daily drives like a dream. Had to take it in for a check engine light this week. Thank God for Clublexus. Internet forums can sometimes be your saving grace. Also got a quote for my 60000mi service. Not looking good haha. Probably gonna do it myself to save money. Some of you may remember Panda Pirate Brian's post about my going away get together at Yubo's. Well that night Yubo gave me a pair of his shades. Well when I got home, my mom liked them so much that she claimed them for herself, but being the cool mom that she is, she bought me replacements haha. So Brian being the awesome friend that he is <3 sent me 2 pair of X7X-Yubo shades, along with my cell phone charger that I left at Yubo's shop the night of the party haha. Check out his site here for his line of juzu beads/bracelets, glasses, stickers, and apparel.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Packout Contiued.....

Here is one more pic of all the stuff I brought back. Funny, the total of my household goods was 8 Crates, 3 of those were car parts lol. And I STILL have stuff I have to get rid of here.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The packout...

So the time is drawing near. Yesterday (and today) all of my belongings are being packed and picked up by the moving company. Very bitter sweet. I can't wait to start life after the military, but I know I'm going to miss Japan (I miss it already). So in preperation for this packout I tore down one of my 1JZ's to bring it back to the states. Not sure if I will do a 1J/1.5J/2J, but this helps me keep my options open. I have engine management and cams for a 1J and I'm very PRO 1J so we'll see how it goes. Anyway, heres a few pics of the engine tear down (engine was disgusting, still had decent compression though), and pack out as well as a few other parts I picked up along they way that have also been packed out. *If you didn't know, once I'm settled in I plan to build an X8 Cressida*
Aaron got a little carried away w/ the sandblaster...
Engine all packed away
Clear corner/signal lights and JIC Tierods or X8
markII front end inside the primera haha, broke this down and the movers packed it for me

Saturday, January 14, 2012

One for the road.... Tokyo Auto Salon 2012

Headed up to Makuhari Messe in Chiba today to attend my last TAS. I haven't been in years, but since I'm leaving I figured I should. Had good time. Got to watch Kunny, Tezuka, Hirota, and Tokita (D1GP Team GOODYEAR) do a drift exhibition. It was pretty bad ass. Took pics w/ D1 drivers, drooled over cars, collected pamphlets and catalogs, bout trinkets that cost WAY too much... why? BECAUSE CAR SHOW (that was for Slappy haha)... I had a geat time w/ great fiends though. I don't have many pics of the show because my phone died after I'd been there only 2 hours haha. Enjoy!
Kunny taking a pic of his car haha
My spoils for the day

Friday, January 6, 2012


Feeling pretty emo lately about this move back to the states. I want to leave because I feel like I need a break, but it's really starting to hit me that I'll be gone in a few weeks... These pics didn't help at all haha. Buddy of mine dug up some old pics of my Cefiro :(... miss that car. If only it came out 2 years earlier maybe I could bring one back w/ me. Ida-san @ Uparts has a friend selling one for 3grand. Sr swap, full suspension, roll cage, the works... sigh.... One of the only nissans I'd consider giving up a toyota for.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!!

Happy New Year everyone!! 2011 was a slow year for us and there are some changes going on right now, but we appreciate you sticking around and thank you for your support. Late this past week I took a friend up to SEED Racing to get his ER34 Skyline tuned. He's running a Hi-Flow turbo from some shop in Australia, walboro fuel pump, 600cc injectors, and a power fc. The car ended up making 380whp and 330 355lb/ft of torque @1.25Bar (sorry Jose haha). This is awesome because they actually used 93 octane (which is low grade here in japan and is actually frowned upon). Also noted is that they tuned a C35 Laurel (same engine if you didn't know/ RB25DET NEO) w/ a similar sized turbo and that car only made 400whp @ 1.5 bar using a higher grade fuel. The shop had nothing but good things to say about the turbo, actually comparing it to HKS GT2835 (even though this one is not ball bearing). We'll actually be going back up there soon to get the boost controller he bought after the fact set up. Here's a few pics from the trip.
Z31 getting a vg30dett swap and Hideo-san's Z34 whichis is twin charged... yes turbo'd w/ HKS GT3037and supercharged w/ HKS GT Supercharger system
Customer's AE70 Sprinter Rockin a 20v w/ ITB's, and Morita-san's 100 Cresta
Jose's Car on the lift getting clutch installed (Cusco Hyper Single)
Jose riding off into the sunset
If Jose's wheels look familiar it's because I sold him the Work VS-SS that used to be on my 100 Cresta haha. Thanks for reading. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!