Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Project

The Chaser's motor has finally let go. So after a full day of work the motor is out of the car and ready for the new 1.5J to go in. I cant wait for this project to be over with. I hate not having a car. Now its just gonna be pulling parts and swapping over everything. Lets hope there are no road blocks for parts along the way. With the holidays here it is going to be painful outsourcing oem shit.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Some pictures

Here are some pictures of the cars

Jeremy and LA
Jeremey and LA
LA and Troy's old car
LA and Aaron
LA's CrestaAaron and LA

Rasty Trip

Sorry there is no pictures or videos. LA is shintai when it comes to his phone. So we picked up the 1.5J, The build will start tomorrow and I cant wait to finish. So on the way there we saw a chaser in the parking lot. LA swears it was orange and I sad it was green. 2 hours later I won. haha. It was almost the highlight of my night until we got back to Yokohama where we met one of the craziest drivers i have ever seen. It was a 71 Cresta on 13's with crazy hippari tire, slammed on the ground. I was impressed with the car alone, then when we asked to take a picture he decided it woud be a better idea to drift the intersection with oncoming trafic everywere. It was amazing. To make things better the intersection was not only on a busy road but right next to a koban. I have a new hero and there is no proof because of LA's slowness.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

1st Annual Ikaten Foreigner Drift Competition

We Finally have a date for the Y plate drift event. The January Drift Tengoku has the event at the Drift Park in Fuji. Entry fee is 10000 Yen. There will be an expert class and a beginner class. This way it will be easy for everytone to enter and enjoy at any level. The event will be a competition and will be judged by Robbie Nishida, YUBO, and Kenji Yamanaka. Guest drivers will be Bomber Yamamoto, Shinji Minowa and many others.