Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The 3GS is gone... Meet the 1GS'

Well the 3GS is gone and I'm on foot (and train) for a while. Heres the last pic I have for her. I really liked the car but I had so many problems towards the end and crappy customer service from McGrath Lexus of Chicago, that I was actually happy to see her go.
So now its time to get the 1GS' I got a year ago up and running. The white car ended up having a junk title so I stripped it and junked it. It's a shame because it was SO CLEAN. Ended up getting a black one from Milwaukee (read RUST CITY), and that's what I'll be dailying, once I get it running (has some oil leaks). Progress on this car will be at a snails pace as I really have no money to put into cars right now. It's basically going to be all maintenance (unless an upgrade goes along with maintenance).

Wheels will be Amistads that I borrowed From Streetsliders Jeremy. White car came with aristo tails, aristo front bumper, and coilovers, so the car will have all of that at a minimum. From there who knows...

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